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Day 10: US History Day

Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown

Tara Buchmann - March 30, 2016

On our 10th day we wanted to look at the history of the region. With a bit of delay, we went off early in the morning to the so-called "Historic Triangle". In a fuel stop we met with Professor Herzog and his friend Dr. Kenny Jones. More than five people in our party were injured and show typical symptoms of cold such as sore throat, runny nose and persistent tiredness.

On the trip to Yorktown we noticed not for the first time, that there are very many "Drive Thru" in America. Whether pharmacy, restaurant or Starbucks; often you can just give up out of the car your order.

Kenny, a senior computer scientist at NASA's Langley Research Center, was very knowledgeable about the history of America and told us so some interesting facts.

We arrived at the Yorktown Battlefield, where had taken place the final battle of the Independence War in the autumn 1781st. 1775 - 1781 faught there the Americans together with the French against the English.

Then at a pier in Yorktown we could see a full-scale replica of one of the ships of the first settlers.

We drove on and stopped on the banks of the York River, where previously has been the Powhatan's Village.

Then we went to the 3rd most popular tourist destination in America - Colonial Williamsburg.

There we walked through the part of the city has been restored in the style of the 18th century. Both building and souvenirs, as well as locals and curious children - all looked like in colonial times.

Since 1931, the "Colonial Williamsburg" is a protected monument. It was the capital of the largest, wealthiest and most populous colony of the British Empire in North America.

The lunch we took on the recommendation of Kenny Jones on the picnic benches in the sunny garden of Pierce's Bar-B-Que.

 Then we made a short stop on the banks of the James River, where in 1607 the first settlers arrived with their ships.

After a short stay in the Merchandise store of the visitor center, we decided to divide us for the afternoon.

The majority went to the minigolf and the others went back to Norfolk with lots of shopping in Mc Athur Mall.

In the evening, put five of us their plans into action and watched in the Regal Cinema the movie Batman vs Superman.

Meanwhile, the others passed their time in "Hooters", a restaurant which is known for its lightly dressed waitresses. To the surprise of most, there ate a lot of families with young children, too.

We end the evening in funny mood in the hotel room ...

By Tara Buchmann

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