Samstag, 26. März 2016

Day 6: Weekend Recreation, Part 1

„Shopping till you drop“ 

Ferman Örek - March 26, 2016 

After a first stressful week working on our projects, we had time to relax and to strengthen our teamwork by doing activities as a group on our sixth day.

After a long period of twisting and turning, we decided to visit the Williamsburg Premium Outlet in Williamsburg, Virginia. The outlet centre opened in 1988 by the Simon Property Group and 135 stores are located inside.

After 1 hour drive, we arrived in Williamsburg. As we achieved our goal, we saw the incredible offers in the showcases. Sales were up to 50% and 70% - this is a dream for all bargain hunters! After our decision to split the group, the bargain hunting had begun.

After several hours across the Outlet centre, our groups met at the parking lot with a lot of purchases. In contrast to Germany, the prices for food were particularly high but the prices for garments in the outlet centre were relatively low.

After the exciting shopping adventure, we had driven to an amusement park nearby. There, we paid $6 entrance for a round of mini-golf. We formed 3 teams with 4 players and the game started.

The mini-golf place was designed in a gold digger look. On the 19th field, the players had the chance to hole the ball with just one hit and could win a free game. Two of us, Fabian B. and Madlen, won the game but unfortunately we hadn’t got enough time to play a second game.

After our exciting mini-golf game was over, we headed home. We also wanted to visit Jamestown and took the ferry to cross the James River. The ferry ride lasted 20 minutes and we enjoyed the landscape and the river. After this, we directly drove to our hotel by car.

By Ferman Örek 

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