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Day 12: Farewell!

Back to Washington DC

Tobias Neuling - April 1, 2016 

Our last day in Norfolk begann a little cloudy but quite warm. Despite beeing tired from traveling everyone was a little sad that we had to leave Norfolk and the USA. We saw many interesting places and met a lot of pleasant people. Also we had the chance to establish contacts, inform ourselves about studying abroad or to realise an internship on top of that we learned a lot about daily life in Virginia.

Short before leaving the hotel we gave a present to the initiator and organisator of our journey, Professor Doktor Herzog. After that we left the hotel to start our way back north to Washington D.C..

We reached the York River fast and were able to see Yorktown from the other riverside.

At that place you can pass the Yorktown Bridge to cross the York River to get to Yorktown. Those who named river, town and bridge must have been very creative.

The special feature of the bridge is, that the segments in the middle are able to rotate to let ships trough. 

On our last day we went to Hardee`s for lunch. One more time we could see what`s going to happen when you eat fastfood too often.

But guilty conscience does not help against hunger, so we enjoyed the Burgers at Hardee`s. As far as I remember everyone was totaly satisfied with his or her meal.

When we continued traveling the weather became hotter and sunnier.

Soon we had to stop again to cool down a little bit. Finally we arived in Washington D.C. and did a short tour through the city. Once again we saw the great monuments and sights of Washington D.C.. The cherry trees were blooming and made the city look even more beautiful.

Because of the parking situation in the City we were not able to stay longer, so we drove back to the hotel at which we started our journey.

After checking in we met in the Lobby to plan our last evening in Washington D.C.. The last destination of our Spring Trip was the sportsbar "The Green Turtle" in Chinatown. There we spend the last hours of the 12th day and completed our trip to Virginia.

Best regards

Tobias Neuling

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