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Day 1: Washington D.C. and Virginiatech

KickOff Meeting and Sightseeing DC

Eric Schmieder - March 21, 2016 

A beautiful first blog entry to our USA trip to Washington/ Norfolk. This particular trip was made enabled primarily by Prof. Hantscher and Prof. Herzog. Thank you all from all trip-members.

But enough of the opening words and lets get started: The arrival to Washington was for many, more than just a nice way to start the trip. Many had failed or delayed flights. After a long rest period (≈10 min.) at the Embassy Suites in Arlington, the Elan to explore Washington was huge.

Washington was first settled in the mid-18th century by european immigrants. After George Washington was elected the first president, it was one of his first tasks, to find a permanent seat of government. As an area he chose parts of Maryland and Virginia. The resulting therefrom was designed by Pierre L'Enfant on the drawing board and is situated the government Washington D.C. (District of Columbia). This can be very well seen on a city map.

A few members of our group started to visit one of the most important Buildings in the Country in dawn:

The Pentagon is the headquarter of the Ministry of Defense of the United States. After attacks 9/11/2001, when Pentagon became one of the many targets of attacks, a memorial was set up here.

Since not all attractions are located side by side, our next destination the "Pentagon City Station".

Right before we get onto the metrotrain for our first ride, we stopped by Pentagon City Mall. That was a great idea after such an exhausting trip and there's probably no better place to relax for some time than the food court.

Then we left the metro at the station Arlington Cemetery with a great view from Arlington Memorial Bridge:


Without even thinking about where to go, we kept walking. Finally, we arrived at one of the most beautiful places of Washington DC. Several of the most important people in American history are honored in West Potomac Park. On the one hand you will find Lincoln memorial. Following the view of the statue of president Abraham Lincoln over the Reflecting Pool, shines on a hill, a 169-meter-obelisk. This obelisk honored Mr. George Washington. After seeing this particular view with your own eyes, the crowd of tourists makes perfect sense.

We then followed the path along the Korean War Memorial Veterean. After walking through a rock formation, we spotted a giant statue of chinese granite. Here's another outstanding personality honored in front of the Tidal Basin:

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by their skin color, but by their character."

- Martin Luther King Jr., August 1963

Martin Luther King Jr. did more than any other person for rights and substantive concerns of the African American in the middle of the 20th century. In the minds of many, he is still regarded as a hero in history.

After a small walk along the banks of the Tidal Basin, the Smithsonian Institute followed. This is a institution, that offers free admission to many museums of Washington for visitors for example

Directly adjacent to the premises of the Institute, we visited two more small parks where various works of art are exhibited.

Because of a certain intercultural relationship between the university and various institutions of the United States should be prepared, the next stop was the White House. Everything or nothing ;-)

Unfortunately, a meeting with President Obama wasn't possible, because he was staying in Cuba at this time.

Our last stop on a great first trip was the VirginiaTech.

VirginiaTech is one of the largest research institutions in the area of Washington DC. For a very interesting and detailed guide we would like to thank Ms. Afroze Mohammed from VirginiaTech.

Among other things, various research areas were presented regarding renewable energies by Yonael Teklu. They also discussed developments in various smart home applications, which were presented by Murat Kuzlu and his team.

After a strenuous but exciting day, we ended the day comfortably.
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