Freitag, 25. März 2016

Day 5: Project Work

And a Beautiful Barbecue 

Julia Einmal - March 25, 2016 

The day started with a good and solid breakfast.

Each participant of the field trip took care of the given tasks by Mr. Herzog. The four electrical engineers worked on their presentation which will be presented the next day at ODU. Meanwhile, the financial group searched for a contact regarding the Business-Administration-department. After all, the purpose of our trip was to attend courses at ODU and to receive impressions of studying in America.

After a contact had been found, we went back to our hotel and continued working on finances. Full bills had been digitalized and we compiled a temporary cost accounting. At this time, the students of the third semester dealt with the topic of how to organize a project, which theoretical tools are needed and where to find important information. Besides, the elaboration was written down to improve the planning and preparation of the project in the next semester.

After finishing these tasks, we had headed to Virginia Beach to visit friends of Mr. Herzog who had invited us to a barbecue a few days before. The host, Mike Overstreet, is a friend as well as a colleague of Mr. Herzog. Mr. Overstreet was Vice Dean at College of Sciences at ODU and Acting Dean of Computer Science and Linda Overstreeet, the wife of Mr. Mike Overstreet, was a highschool teacher at Cape Henry Collegiate School in Virginia Beach in mathematics and sciences. The married couple lives in an idyllic house, which is located in a calm residential neighbourhood.

When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Overstreet and we immediately started searching for easter eggs. Particially, the eggs were hidden so well by the children of Mr. Herzog that some students needed extra hints. Mr. Herzog served his self-made shrimp soup and we also ate burgers, hot dogs and finger food. For dessert, we could choose between roasting marshmallows or eating cupcakes and biscuits. After this delicious meal, the Overstreets made it possible for us to canoeing at the bordered sea.

At 4:30 pm, we drove to Virginia Beach by car. When we arrived, we walked along the beach, collected shells and at last, we took group photos.

By Julia Einmal 

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