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Day 11 ODU and Sandbridge

Lecture Leadership and trip to Sandbridge Beach

Madlen Leuffert - March 31, 2016

Slowly our VA Academic Spring trip draws to an end, but we are motivated and thirsty for an adventure like we were at the first day!

We spent the last day in Norfolk at Webb Center of ODU and were excited even while breakfast in the hotel because of the announced presentation of Mr. J. Van Rose.

One part of the group experienced the morning lecture "Management Sience". Some visited other lectures and wanted to gather impressions and information about the Department, personally.

After the lecture we met as a full group in Webb Center again to evaluate the previous program points. The space provided we could replace well the current documentation status due to technical conditions. The group responsible for the finances compared present invoices and controlled the existing level of budget planning. We discussed the future course of our last remaining days and distributed pending tasks among each other.

For presentation by Mr. J. Van Rose we were warmly welcomed with delicious food.

Today: American pizza. Hot and greasy!

We didn´t need to be told twice and grabbed a slice of pizza. Some of us tried American lemonade specialties, more specifically, "Dr. Pepper".

Unsuspecting, the red and shiny can was opened. Shortly after a spirited cry: "That´s sweet!" We now decided rather to go back to a bottle of water. Before the lecture we sat together with our Professor Mr. Herzog. When asked whether the trip could last longer, everyone answered promptly:

"The heart says yes, the wallet unfortunately no!"

Not only shopping day had diminished our own budgets, also treats like burgers, steaks and especially tacos from Taco Bell.

We were especially pleased when Dr. John F. Jeff Tanner, Dean of Old Dominion University's Strome College of Business, welcomed us and opened the talkt hat day.

Also warmly greeted at the beginning of the presentation by Dr. Ling "Lynn" Li, a professor at the University of information and technology.

Now a few lines on the presentation by Mr. J. Van Rose.
Already at the beginning there was such a power in the room, that even students walked along the corridor, stood still and listened to the lecture.

Mr. J. Van Rose is a real phenomenon and not only from the outside!

To start a successful career, he gave us tips and compared these with an eagle which has been representing strength and mind since ancient times.

1. Set goals and focus!
2. Life balance!
3. Preparation is everything!
4. It´s time to risk!

He was able to give us an understanding of his personal advice by this comparison. It caused great motivation for future projects. Everybody liked the presentation, which was also illustrated by thunderous applause. Of course group picture at the end was necessary.

Then the group splitted, half went to other lectures, the others went to Sandbridge Beach.

Sandbridge Beach is located in the southern part of Virginia Beach. The beach measures a length of 4.5 miles from North to South. It is also known as "The Outer Banks of Virginia." Similar to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Sandbridge is occasionally prone to tropical storms, which can also result in evacuations.

While some of us were listening lecture, the weather was sunny again and perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

The girls made it to the beach and the courtageous among us took dip into the cold water.

However we still have a small but extraordinary history in story for you.

Once upon a time a resident saw a canoeist at Sandbridge Beach, who was traveling from north to south. Suddenly, the resident saw a huge fountain beside the canoeist. The resident ran through his house quickly and searched for his camera. He rushed out to the deserted sandy beach, looking towards the canoeist. Suddenly a whale appeared unexpectedly right next to the canoeist in the water. The astonished resident pulled the trigger immediately and shot the picture of his lifetime.

With this beautiful story we say goodbye to the 11th day of our Virginia Spring Trip.

Kind regards


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