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Day 7: Weekend Recreation, Part 2

Trip to the Outer Banks

Mike Kaulertz - March 27, 2016

After we had brought forward our Easter egg hunt to last Friday, our plan for Easter Sunday was to do something bigger. So we swapped the eggs with isles and peninsulas. 

On our 7th day of our stay in the United States of America, all of us woke up pretty early in order to guarantee a successful island discovery tour without missing any attractions. Our destination was one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast - the Outer Banks (OBX), also known as “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. The OBX represent a chain of barrier islands with a total length of ~200 miles along the coast of North Carolina.

After a 2 hour drive we made a short pause at Walmart in North Carolina where 2 of our girls was given a very kind Easter present. An American who stood right before them in line paid their purchase of ~ $15 and wished a nice Easter feast.

Afterwards we made a hold at the “Wright Brothers National Memorial”. The Wright Brothers were pioneers of the aviation and with it, the first successful, powered flights in a heavier-than-air machine took place in Kill Devil Hill, at the OBX. Besides the Memorial, there’s also a nice park, as well as a small museum which respectably displays the beginnings of the flying, ‘til today’s space flights.

About 1.30pm we’ve reached the peninsula “Bodie Island”, where we visited the first of overall five lighthouses on the OBX.

The “Bodie Island Lighthouse” is 156 feet tall and to climb all the way to the top it takes 214 steps and was built in 1872.

Unfortunately the lighthouse was seasonally closed, so that we could not enjoy the view from its top.

After that we drove through the National Wildlife Refuge “Pea Island” and via “Mirlo Beach” (a small community fully floated by sand) to “Avon”. In Avon we had an one hour lunch break in a nice restaurant called “Burger Burger”, where we ate many tasty – guess what?

After we had restored our power and risen our pounds once again, we made our way to the “Cape Hatteras Light Station” where we visited another lighthouse. After a short survey and a small purchase of souvenirs we proceeded to the beautiful beach. Even tho it was still rain going on, we enjoyed the beach very much. When we walked along the beach we not only saw fishers, no, we also saw another type of mammals – not too far away from us we could witness dolphins popping up and swimming.. if only there wasn’t the bad weather.. 

A long walk along the beach, one ice- and saltwater bath (that at least one of us took) and many wet clothes due to steadily increasing rainfall later, we’ve made the decision to start our journey back to the hotel.

But not on a direct way, because just in good old american fashion we decided to do a layover at a fast food restaurant, so that the pounds we had lost earlier at the beach will be back in no time. Haha ;)

By Mike Kaulertz

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